Join the Force That’s Making Employers Treat Aging Workers with Respect and Strengthening Social Security for All Our Futures

Together we are reversing three decades of our collective decline and fighting back for our fair share

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Use this powerful and proven tool today to extend your work and secure phased retirement.

Join our longevity forum

You can organize aging workers in your community and on the job to create an informed force for change.

Enlist in our social security campaign

Move from age-exclusive to age-inclusive policy and practice in the way people work and retire.

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Join our inauagural best practice conference Winter of 2021. Explore options and successes with other change pioneers.

"Companies must embrace a greater responsibility to help workers navigate retirement."

– Larry Fink, CEO of six-trillion dollar BlackRock Investments, 2019 Letter to CEOs

Longevity Agenda

1. End 55-65 “Sell-by” date

2. Career-long training, development

3. Robust flexible scheduling, phased retirement

4. Strengthened pensions and Social Security

5. On-demand financial wellness counseling