2019 NEWS

Boomer Brain Drain: The Big Mistake Employers Are Making
Next Avenue
January 2019.

In a piece by Richard Eisenberg on the growing trend of the “boomer brain drain”, Paul Rupert warns of the consequences of letting talent walk out the door.

2018 NEWS

Even a Booming Job Market Can’t Fill Retirement Shortfall for Older Workers
Wall Street Journal
December 2018.

Respectful Exits CEO Paul Rupert is quoted in this extensive piece on aging, work, and retirement by Ruth Simon.

Retirement: Employers Just Don’t Get It
Next Avenue
December 2018.

Next Avenue Money & Work editor Richard Eisenberg highlights the work of Respectful Exits and CEO Paul Rupert, drawing attention to the lack of employer support for aging workers.

A ‘sell-by’ date for employees? Fixing ageism and rethinking retirement.
USAToday / Westchester Journal News.
August 2018.

Respectful Exits leaders Paul Rupert and Carol Evans talk with the Westchester Journal News, part of the USA Today network, about the need to rethink retirement.


Retiring at 65 Is So Last Century
October 2018.

Work/life expert Robin Hardman’s piece on Respectful Exits is featured on TLNT.

A Voice for Older Workers
Robin Hardman Communications
September 2018.

Work/life expert Robin Hardman highlights the Respectful Exits campaign.

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