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Respectful Exits is the leading nonprofit advocacy campaign mobilizing aging employees and farsighted employers to change employer practices and transform the path to retirement. We seek greater economic, mental, and physical well-being for our aging population, and a more sustainable economy benefitting from systematic knowledge transfer between generations. Our focus is on keeping contributing pre-retirees “in the game”, not on settling for so-called “second act” opportunities.

Our mission is to transform the way aging employees work and retire. We are mobilizing employees to bring about necessary changes at their workplaces through use of our free web-based tool ThePhazer, and we are urging all employers to adopt the changes in policy and practice that we define as our Longevity Agenda:

  • End the 65 “sell-by” date as a mandatory or informal “retirement age”
  • Practice career-long development and training of all staff
  • Encourage robust flexible scheduling for employees of all ages
  • Provide ongoing, on-demand financial wellness counseling
  • Implement and promote flexible and phased retirement options

Who We Are

Our pioneering team brings to this campaign decades of experience and proven track records in transforming workplace practices from traditional ways of working to today’s more flexible, inclusive and diverse workplaces.  Among our principals are:

  • Paul Rupert, Chief Executive Officer. Paul has forty-five years of nonprofit management and consulting experience, working with numerous start-ups, Work-Family Directions and New Ways to Work before launching his own firm, Rupert Organizational Design. Paul has consulted to more than one hundred companies implementing creative flexible staffing and scheduling initiatives.
  • Kathleen Christensen, Advisory Board Chair. Kathleen combines decades of seminal research, advocacy and philanthropy in service of innovative flexible work and older worker programs. As Working Longer Program Director at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, she has funded innovative research and programs in support of older workers. Her early academic research focused on emerging work-from-home practices.

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Key Resources

Longevity Agenda

Requesting Phased Retirement with ThePhazer™

  • ThePhazer™—a free web-based tool for employees to propose a win-win path to flexible and phased retirement.


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