Propose a Win-Win Solution
for Extended Work and Phased Retirement

For decades, aged-out workers and their advocates have sought extended work and flexible paths to retirement. This year Respectful Exits and its many supporters are taking action to create real opportunities.

We successfully crowd-funded over $25,000 to turn a proven, robust process into a self-help toolkit that will enable healthier futures on a large scale.

We have launched ThePhazer™ as a free website for all individuals to use. We encourage all aging workers and their supporters to visit the site, use it, and share it.

How it Works

Scan for you and your company’s readiness, rules of the road and eligibility.

Review options and select with your current status and future plans in mind.

Develop detailed plans for redesigning work and transferring knowledge.

Use our proven tools to assess your profile and refine your proposal.

Strengthen your proposal with prospective gains and winning dialogues.

Why We Created ThePhazer™

We wanted to put the power of proposing a phased retirement or extended work solution in the hands of the employee. Employers have not done their part in preparing employees for a safe and realistic retirement. 

The guidance in ThePhazer™ is based on tools and processes we developed in the phased retirement programs of major companies. Hundreds have used them successfully. While no one can guarantee the success of a given proposal – and there are risks in stepping forward – two truisms apply here: 

“If you don’t ask, you won’t get” and “You don’t get what you deserve…you get what you negotiate.”

You Can Help Deliver the ThePhazer to Those Who Need it Most