Georgia Senators: Winning The Final Campaign

The stakes couldn’t be higher  Just when you thought you could relax for the holidays, history called. We secured Donald Trump’s early retirement, but that proved just a partial victory. A subservient Republican party will continue the essence of his ruinous reign. For aging workers and retirees, the economic future is bleak and Social Security will become the target of hypocritical deficit hawks

Progress is possible on the the virus, the economy, racial justice and income inequality. But not if the Grim Reaper, Mitch McConnell, keeps control of the Senate. Committed to backwardness and defeat of the Biden agenda and anything resembling 21st century success, he desperately needs to win the two Senate seats in Georgia. Well, he can’t have them.

The people of Georgia vanquished Trump in this increasingly purple state. Newcomer John Ossoff fought corrupt incumbent fossil David Purdue to a runoff.  The Rev. Raphael Warnock led in a 10-way race, finishing first and ahead of appointed wealthy, incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler. On January 5, these two races will determine control of the US Senate. Polls project razor-thin outcomes.

It’s up to you  Along with all Americans, you have a few choices: 1) sit it out, a victim of 2020 fatigue with a side helping of electoral stress; 2) send hopes and prayers to the brave warriors on the ground in Georgia; 3) ship money in the hopes that the one-way advertising that failed to deliver House, Senate or down ballot victories in November will magically break the back of rural Republican resistance outside the cities and suburbs; or 4) as Monty Python would say, “Now for something completely different.”

We developed a robust, successful Facebook-based persuasion and get out the vote campaign in Florida this year. As AOC pointed out in a recent election post-mortem, you can’t campaign in 2020 as if it were 2004. Social media has happened. Our 2020 Social Security-driven campaign went unusually viral among the half-million older Florida voters we targeted. We scored well above average in key Facebook metrics of followers, rates of sharing, volume of comments and sustained engagement. We helped move the senior vote by 3 percentage points, not enough in Florida but the margin of victory in Georgia.

Your investment in this turbocharged Georgia campaign will deliver a great return on a modest investment. Please dig deep and help secure a Senate that works.

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