Lock Him Out – An Urgent Guide to A Citizen’s “Arrest”


Forfeiting the Presidency   Last night at what amounted to a neo-fascist rally in Michigan, the sitting President of the United States crossed the line from his overcooked stew of endless lies, personal attacks and vulgarity into open incitement of extra-legal action against the government.

On a public stage in front of an unmasked cult of true believers, he attacked the sitting governor of Michigan. The crowd chanted “Lock her up” as he nodded and included other leaders with a casual “Lock them all up!” No doubt at least a smattering of would-be domestic terrorists in the crowd heard the message loud and clear.

When words morph into weapons   Ten days earlier the FBI had arrested a gaggle of grievance—fueled, self-appointed vigilantes for plotting the kidnapping and potential trial and execution of Governor Whitmer. No doubt Trump’s repeated refusal to condemn white nationalism and groups like the Proud Boys encouraged such action.

Did chief executive Trump rise quickly and strongly to her defense? Of course not. In the vindictive, small-minded meanness that seems to ooze from his pores, he tweeted that she had been insufficiently appreciative of the fact that “his Department of Justice” had broken up the plot. Talk about blaming the victim!

No condemnation, no support for his fellow executive, no warning to domestic terrorists to back off, not stand by. Instead, in the over-heated tinderbox of rural Michigan, as the embers of terror glowed and the first small fires were extinguished, he assumed the role of arsonist-in-chief. A genuine Justice Department should arrest him.

He lives in Florida, let’s “arrest” him there   Since June Respectful Exits has been waging a highly effective Facebook campaign [R&C] in Florida aimed at the reliable cohort of 55+ voters who fear his COVID pandemic failure. “Flipping Florida” would arrest Trump on the way to the Electoral College. Our unique, aggressive effort has engaged a half-million Floridians concerned about Social Security, deepening opposition to his re-election.

Let me be frank. Raising money for this distinctive campaign has been tough. Hundreds of political appeals and thousands of COVID relief appeals have led to donor fatigue. Millions still flow into traditional campaigns, fueling one-way communication: saturation TV ad buys, out-of-state GOTV phone banking, digital ads and billboards.

Trump and the Russians are wiser, learning long ago that seniors live on Facebook. It is today’s ground game. We have been there for months persuading the skeptical and now mobilizing the vote. We are doing daily battle with the Trumpists and their army of bots and bald-faced liars. We have moved the needle and can do more.

Your investment in intensifying our work over the next two weeks will help retire this lawless narcissist to Mar-a-Lago where he belongs. And show him what a genuine citizen’s arrest looks and feels like. Please dig deep.

Invest NOW!!

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