Sending Key Messages to the Keystone State

Building the senior exodus   Since June the Respectful Exits Facebook campaign has been engaging reliable Florida voters age 55+ in a persuasive effort to defend Social Security and retire Donald Trump. We reached out to more than a half-million potential Biden voters with messages, ads and commentary that coursed through their Facebook networks.

These older voters who supported Trump in 2016 abandoned him initially because he mishandled COVID. His attacks on Social Security payroll tax funding have cost him further. We believe we have peeled away enough elder support to make the crucial difference in an election likely to be decided by as little as a 1% difference and to be called on election night.

The ads you see here are the latest in a series we have posted on our Facebook page. These posts have seen far higher levels of active engagement – both comments and sharing to users’ networks – than is typical. As we approach the final days before the election, we are shifting our persuasion effort to strong Get Out the Vote messaging. We are pleased with what we have accomplished. But now is not the time to step back. Two great opportunities remain: expanding our efforts in Florida and flooding Pennsylvania Facebook accounts with our serial ads. Why Pennsylvania? And why now?

We always saw Florida as a vital part of any Trump path to an Electoral College victory. We focused our limited resources there as first among the many battleground states. In these closing days of this perilously close contest, Pennsylvania has emerged as a second barrier to or enabler of a Trump win. Now is the time to open a second GOTV front there.

The COVID era ground game   Campaigning fundamentals have changed since 2016, deepened by the great pandemic. While Trump cultists continue door knocking and mass rallies, Democrats do massive TV ad buys, phone banking and Zoom events. But older Americans are likely to get their vital information from Facebook since senior voters are typically more isolated than others. Facing the gravest health threat of their lives, they communicate with friends, families and health resources on this safe medium. They can skip TV appeals and not answer the phone. They can ignore Facebook posts and ads, but generally pay attention to items shared by their peers. Facebook represents the new ground game.

Dig deep and place these ads throughout Florida and Pennsylvania NOW! Be part of the victory of our lifetimes!!


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