Trump Won the “Debate” – But You Can Still Stop Him!

Unconventional wisdom   Yes, I saw last night differently. I question the hair-on-fire, bedwetting responses of the media and much of the audience to the rhetorical mess that engulfed Trump, Biden and us. I think Trump accomplished what he set out to do without opponent or moderator laying a glove on him.

In the midst of this disgusting spectacle, Trump delivered several clear messages. Biden tried gamely to speak directly into the camera with a serious point or two – none of which you can probably remember. However, within the stream of invective, distractions, lies and distortions that spewed from the Presidential podium, some clear proclamations were made to the largest likely audience of this campaign season.

What I and no doubt millions of his supporters heard were these simple claims:

  • He embraces white nationalism and refuses to condemn it
  • He will not consider the election fair and binding and will not accept defeat
  • He encourages his supporters to help suppress the vote at polling places
  • He expects the so-called “militias” to stand by to safeguard his declared “victory”

He means what he says. He has built 400 miles of wall. Immigration has been obliterated. The Paris and Iran deals are history. Take him at his word and act accordingly. Unchecked, a dark future barrels toward us. Without a unique and powerful effort can it be stopped?

Respectful Exits builds Florida’s ground game

We set out in the spring to build a pro-Social Security Facebook campaign – — aimed at the half-million 55+ voters in Florida who are heavy Facebook users and at 30%, its most reliable voting cohort. In the COVID era, TV ads and door knocking are so yesterday. Trump and the Russians have exploited this fact.

We believed early that denying Florida to Trump would block his Electoral College path. We saw measurable success in building a persuasive, network-driven persuasion effort with limited resources. As Trump’s campaign turned to relentless attacks on mail-in voting and insistence that we should know the outcome of the election that night, winning Florida became even more important. It typically counts votes and reports results on election night. An early declaration of victory there sets the stage for challenging the vote of states that follow.

Pundits say Trump and his party lack a second term. Not true. His agenda is becoming America’s first authoritarian President. More money matters. Your generous donation now at can help flip Florida and end his fantasy.

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