“Turning the Corner” – What We Must Do

The choice could not be clearer   The future of America’s seniors is on the ballot. In a week or so, we will awake to a new American era. Will we choose the divisive rule of anti-democratic Donald Trump? Or will Joe Biden get a chance to make America united again? This is not just a campaign between two men or ideologies or platforms. It is much more a battle for the soul of our country. It is absolutely possible soon to turn the corner. The most basic principles and assumptions of our civic life are will be determined on November 3rd by millions of voters. At stake are:

Truth-telling vs. compulsive lying — Collaboration vs. bullying — Fairness vs. inequality

Denial vs. reality — Inclusion vs. racism — Compassion vs. greed – etc., etc., etc.

Our organization, Respectful Exits, is deeply committed to applying the positive side of the principles above to the plight of aging workers and retirees. We fight for their inclusion, not casual dismissal; for their fair treatment after lifetimes of sacrifice and contribution. In 2020 we saw the threat posed to Social Security – our only senior safety net.

Our long-term focus is changing employer practices. But this year has been dominated by COVID, economic calamity and the disproportionate impact on aging workers that has led to illness, death and despair. We chose to enter the political fray and help defeat a contemptuous president who had become by default or design the enemy of the elderly.

Looking to election day, we believed that the best route to ending the Trump era was mobilizing the large and reliable cohort of Florida voters 55+ to abandon him in droves. Without a Florida victory, Trump’s path to winning the Electoral College virtually disappeared. We ignored the older one-way methods of voter persuasion like TV and radio ads. We learned from the Trump and Russian victories of 2016 and put our time and money into a robust Facebook campaign.

We reached out to more than a half-million potential Biden voters with messages, ads and commentary that coursed through their Facebook networks. These older voters who supported Trump in 2016 abandoned him initially because he mishandled COVID. His attacks on Social Security payroll tax funding have cost him further. We believe we have peeled away enough elder support to make the crucial difference in an election likely to be decided by as little as a 1% difference and to be called on election night. That early Florida call will help rein in his plans to declare an early victory.

Our persuasion campaign has helped shift many Florida seniors to the right choice. We have now shifted to a get out the vote strategy in Florida – and begun placing ads like the one above to older Pennsylvania Facebook users from Philadelphia to coal country. We will continue to pour our time and money into the next crucial days.

We are asking you to come off the sidelines and join us. If you’ve already given, send more. If you’ve donated to any of the hundreds of appeals that flood your in-box, diversify now and invest in our innovative Facebook campaign — the new ground game for senior voters. They may blow past Bloomberg’s TV ads, not respond to door knocking or ignore endless phone calls or texts. But our posts, ads and videos show strong engagement through shares and comments.

In the COVID era, Facebook is their world. Help us reach them where they are and secure their votes. Dig deep and make a difference – TODAY! It is not too late to contribute to the landslide we need to retire Donald Trump to Mar-a-Lago!

Invest NOW!!

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