We Can Win the Senate in Georgia – WILL YOU JOIN US?

Offering the best investment of 2021 – NOW!  Dumping Trump was great. Booting McConnell to the back benches by defeating Georgia’s Republican senators is essential – and doable, The coalition of younger voters and people of color that helped Biden win is repeating its effort in these races. What barely worked in November isn’t likely to be enough for two victories in a special election in January.

That’s where we – and you – can make a huge difference. As the Klan post card below makes clear, the gloves are off in these closing weeks. Voter intimidation needs to be met with a creative counter-attack.

No one in Georgia is even trying to mobilize older voters. The same problem plagued Democratic efforts in Florida. There Respectful Exits ran an effective Social Security-driven Facebook campaign with voters 55+ who vote in large numbers. We helped shift Trump’s 2016/2020 margin by 12 POINTS. We have identified several hundred thousand Georgia seniors – white, black and Hispanic – who depend on Social Security and are heavy Facebook users. If we move them just a few points, we can win both races!

Having learned from Florida, we have upped our game in Georgia. Democrats Ossoff and Warnock support progressive change and will protect Social Security. Greedy Republicans Perdue and Loeffler profited from McConnell’s tax cuts, adding $2 trillion to the debt. They plan to raid Social Security to pay it down.

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Our aggressive Facebook campaign builds on our Florida prototype with its series of compelling videos, viral posts and myth-busting education in a proven persuasion and mobilization strategy. We believe we can animate both new and old constituencies and add to the impressive turnout effort already underway. .

What you can do  We’ve raised $12,000 toward the $50,000 needed and have launched our campaign. To do it faster and better, we need your help NOW!. Would you dig deep to make a difference that will pay off for years? Please send $50, $100 or whatever you can part with. Together we can give Joe Biden the Senate we all need, protecting Social Security and overcoming government paralysis post-Trump. .

Donate at: https://www.respectfulexits.org/invest/

All our Facebook messaging is designed and tested to go viral for maximum reach and impact. This Star Wars-themed poster captures the iconic struggle between the forces of light and darkness that are playing out daily throughout Georgia. It is the opener in a series of persuasive videos and posts that will drive motivated Social Security recipients to the polls.

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