Longevity Agenda: Implement Phased Retirement

Longevity Agenda: Implement Phased Retirement2018-08-10T15:08:47+00:00


Longevity Agenda Action Item

  • Implement and promote flexible and phased retirement options


Ultimately, aging workers must leave the workforce at some point. But to ensure their departures comes at the greatest benefit for both individuals and employers, robust phased retirement options are a necessity.


RE Phased Retirement Summary-imagePhased Retirement: Implementing an Initiative | Respectful Exits

Done well, phased retirement can ensure longer retention of “regretted leavers”, capture unique and hard-to-replace knowledge, and facilitate succession processes, among other benefits. To be successful, phased retirement requires a design process to shape the offering.

Download the presentation: Phased Retirement: Implementing an Initiative.

RE 7 Older Worker Myths and Realities-imageTop 7 Stubborn Myths Vs. Realities About Aging Workers | Respectful Exits

Myths about aging workers abound. For any phased retirement initiative to be successful, it’s critical to tackle those myths head-on with realities based in data and practice.

Download the presentation: Top 7 Stubborn Myths Vs. Realities About Aging Workers.

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