Working Mother held its annual summit on October 8 & 9, titled “Transform to Innovate: What’s Next”. The Summit focused on the theme of transforming workplace cultures and Diversity & Inclusion strategies to prepare companies for the next evolution of their workforce. D&I, HR, and talent and workforce development leaders from more than 130 Fortune 500 companies were in attendance.

Respectful Exit’s Chief Relationship Officer—and President Emeritus of Working Mother—Carol Evans led a Spotlight Presentation entitled “The Voice of Aging Workers.” Carol called for a seismic shift in the corporate mindset around aging. “Instead of thinking of the Silver Tsunami as a threat, think of it as an opportunity,” she declared. Citing a tight labor market as well as the deep knowledge held by experienced professionals, Carol encouraged companies to think of aging workers as their new talent pool. She outlined specific steps farsighted companies can take to harness the power of this growing cohort.

'Instead of thinking of the Silver Tsunami as a threat, think of it as an opportunity.'Click To Tweet


Watch Carol Evans’ presentation below, and download the accompanying slideshow: The Voice of Aging Workers.

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