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Together we can change the trajectory of those who deserve fair treatment
after long lives of hard work and contribution.


Change in the workplace requires action from both aging employees and wise employers. Each group has a distinct role to play in an ongoing collaboration that achieves decisive change.


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Help us build Respectful Exits by becoming an ongoing supporter, staying informed about this issue, and joining your voice with the millions of at-risk employees who face an uncertain future.



One-time donations will be gratefully accepted at any time. We also encourage recurring donations, as building a forceful movement over time requires a sustained commitment.


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Our greatest challenge is overcoming the isolation, resignation, and powerlessness that comes from thinking we are facing our uncertain futures alone. Our power begins with bringing this issue out of the shadows, clarifying the problem, posing straightforward solutions—and acting together to advance our agenda. We are all connected in many ways—at work, in community groups, and through social media, list servs and email.

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Take Initiative

As Respectful Exits grows, much national and local activity will be required. We encourage all our supporters to:

  • Organize and join in local events to promote the campaign
  • Volunteer your time with the campaign
  • Attend national and regional gatherings
  • Sign up for and use our Phased Retirement request tool
  • Form and lead a Longevity Forum within your workplace
  • Educate employers on the value and means of adopting the Longevity Agenda

Working together, we can transform the trajectory of work and retirement in our lifetimes.



Face the Challenge

This unique moment is one of both crisis and opportunity, offering employers a chance to both review and modify their approach to their aging workforces. Facing issues of labor shortages, loss of key knowledge and experience, integration of generational differences, and potential charges of age discrimination, many employers are beginning to grapple with the implications of longevity.

Diagnose the opportunity

Each employer has different workforce demographics and must manage challenges of different priorities. Some are facing looming talent shortages and are considering flexible and phased retirement as part of their survival and growth strategies. Others are hurt by job vacancies and weak pipelines across the enterprise and need to retain experienced workers.

Addressing the problems and potential of fully engaging an aging workforce begins with diagnosing the specific needs of a particular organization now and over time.

Take Initiative

There are many steps employers can take to move their practices toward Respectful Exits:

  • Analyze the retirement eligibility of all staff and those in key roles
  • Conduct surveys and focus groups for pre-retiree feedback
  • Assess current policies and practices against the Longevity Agenda
  • Convene a working group of key stakeholders to recommend options
  • Define goals to change and measure practices that promote change
  • Provide training and tools needed to support robust initiatives
  • Share your story publicly to normalize new paths for aging workers

This systematic approach can benefit you as an employer, your workforce and the larger society. Reach out to Respectful Exits for more information.


We challenge 65 as the widely assumed ‘sell-by’ date.
Milk curdles; people don’t.


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