Do you have a story to share? Consider these questions as you review your situation.

  • Have you been laid off when you wanted to work longer—or importantly, needed to work longer for financial reasons?
  • Do you have good employee reviews but are passed over for promotions?
  • Have you been excluded from training programs offered freely to younger workers?
  • Do you sometimes feel like your opinions during business discussions are ignored, or are you finding yourself excluded from staff meetings?
  • Do you sometimes hear subtle comments made about your age, or why you aren’t off playing golf?

If you recognize yourself, share your story and join the voices of other aging workers struggling in the workplace.

Share Your Story with Respectful Exits

What is the voice of aging workers?

Respectful Exits is the only organization that offers employees and inclusive employers a proven plan on how to successfully extend the career of aging workers benefiting both the employees and employers, as well as a place to share stories of opportunities and successes.

Why is telling my story important now?

Like harassment before the era of #MeToo, age discrimination stories have not yet been shared broadly.  The Respectful Exits campaign is the #MeToo  movement for aging workers with our own hashtag: #MilkCurdlesPeopleDont.

Sharing your story and getting support from the large community of others who have faced similar challenges creates a strong voice that cannot be easily ignored. Thanks for sharing your story and joining our voice.

Share Your Story with Respectful Exits

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