The hard reality about living and wanting to work longer.

Boomer Exodus

From 2011 until 2029, 10,000 Boomers a day—or 60 million people—turned and will turn 65.

That’s the equivalent of one-and-a-half Californias.

Increased Longevity

Life expectancy is up 20 years, yet workers are discarded at 65 or earlier.

Social Security set the retirement eligibility age at 65 in 1936.

Impending Poverty

50% of workers 50-64 have less than $14,000 in savings to last 20-30 years.

Invested, that yields $50 per month.

Retirement Demand

64% of workers hope to work longer and ease into retirement, while 5% of employers offer formal programs.

The demand increases, but the supply does not.


What are aging workers supposed to do when they are living longer, the retirement age is the same, and they have no savings to live on?


This is the outcome of a broken system.

We are here to fix it.

It's time for employees and employers to

It Took Three Decades to Break the System

Acting Now, We Can Fix It!

What Employees Can Do

Become a Mobilizer

Mobilize with us to determine healthier futures for aging workers. Sign up for The Mobilizer and join the campaign.


This powerful tool lets you make a persuasive case to your employer for extended work and flexible and phased retirement.

Build Longevity Forums

Bring together other workers in your community and on the job to create an informed force for change. Our toolkit can get you started.

Implement our Longevity Agenda

Employers can make these five essential changes in policy and practice. They are proven, affordable, and can help transform retirement.

Attend our Conference

Join us in November in New York for the first gathering of pioneering employers and advocates to share best practices and celebrate successes.

Host Internal Seminars

The Respectful Exits Advisors offer a variety of free services to engage and educate your leadership teams on the value of pursuing a Longevity Agenda.

What Employers
Can Do

"Companies must embrace a greater responsibility to help workers navigate retirement."

– Larry Fink, CEO of six-trillion dollar BlackRock Investments, 2019 Letter to CEOs

Respectful Exits is building an employee and employer force to change the way aging workers contribute and retire.


It's time for employees and employers to RESCUE RETIREMENT... TOGETHER!

Respectful Exits is organizing employees and employers to update our workplaces and economy to retain talent, capture invaluable experience, and prevent elder poverty.


End the 65 “sell-by” date as a mandatory or informal “retirement age”


Practice career-long development and training of all staff


Encourage robust flexible scheduling for employees of all ages


Provide ongoing, on-demand financial wellness counseling


Implement and promote flexible and phased retirement options